Next Round of Broadband Grants Announced

Aug 13, 2014


Several Northwoods companies and communities received state grants recently to help expand high-speed internet across the region. The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has announced the next round of broadband expansion grants with a deadline in mid-October.

During this fiscal year, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin awarded seven grants. In this region,  CenturyLink-Boulder Junction Telephone Exchange will extend DSL service to 139 households in Vilas county, ChoiceTel in Eagle River received two grants, for Rhinelander, Eagle River and along Highway "G" north of Eagle River affecting 300 customers, and SonicNet in Cloverland, Phelps and Winchester in Vilas county will construct three wireless towers, affecting 800 customers.

Tithi Chattopadhyay is Broadband Director for the PSC. She says the grants were to wireless providers, wire line providers, fiber projects and point-to-point wireless and others. She says the grants help build infrastructure in areas where cost prevents more broadband. She says they are moving quickly to get the next round completed...

"......we're doing this pretty quick simply because we know broadband infrastructure is a priority and we didn't want to delay this round. We're doing this round so people should try and get in their applications in this round if they are in a hurry to try and build out something...."

The deadline to apply is October 13. More information is on the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin website.