Nicolet Bird Club-DNR Upgrade Thunder Lake Wildlife Area

Mar 15, 2017

Nicolet Bird Club members and DNR at Thunder Lake
Credit Courtesy: Wisconsin DNR

The Nicolet Bird Club of Three Lakes has joined forces with the DNR staff to manage the Thunder Lake Wildlife Area through the Adopt A Wildlife Area Program.

Nicolet Bird Club President Bill Lamon of Three Lakes says the club had thought about projects at the area that would enhance birdwatching and other public activities...

"....when we talked among ourselves about putting up a kiosk or observation deck, we knew we'd have to come in contact with the DNR. So we talked to(DNR workers) about doing both the kiosk and the observation deck. Taking baby steps, we put up both the deck and the kiosk. The (DNR workers) were both helpful in putting this together...."

Lamon says the effort has provided more for visitors...

"...also with this we maintain two beautiful trails we developed last year. They're not necessarily wet, you can walk through there with sneakers and not only enjoy the birds you see along the way, but there are native flowers, or just bend down and pick up a strawberry, put a strawberry in your mouth...."

Lamon says if anyone wants more information about the Nicolet Bird Club or the project he can be reached at 715-891-5084.

Thunder Lake Wildlife Area is a 3,000-acre property located one mile north of of Three Lakes. It consists of open peat forested tamarack-black spruce wetlands with the 120-acre Rice Lake and 1.3 miles of shoreline on 1,800-acre Thunder Lake. A wide variety of wetland wildlife use the property. Three rare species, the Nelson sharp-tailed sparrow, merlin and the yellow rail nest on the property.