Nicolet Project to Feature Daily Poems This Month

Mar 31, 2014

Nicolet College is celebrating National Poetry Month with a poem a day. 

The Poetry Project invites students and community members to submit original poems.  They’ll be featured on the project’s website

Nicolet instructor and Project Coordinator Ocie Kilgus says the idea came from wanting to build community on campus. 

“Because we all share that common theme of trying to understand ourselves and others, and life in general.  The reading of poetry gives us that kind of insight to common experiences.” 

This is the fourth year of the project, but the first time it will include community members as well as Nicolet students, faculty and staff. 

Kilgus says there is an option to submit poems anonymously, and to keep things free of criticism no comments are allowed on the web page. 

“Particularly among students, they’re shy at first but they’ve embraced it. Once they see somebody else has posted, they get on board with that.  Faculty and staff, they’re enthusiastic about it as well.  And it’s nice for us to comment and say, ‘oh yeah I read your poem the other day,  it was nice.  So it’s just been a really positive reception to the project.” 

Kilgus says there will also be a contest for best student poem and best community poem.