No Vote for Vilas Residents on Federal Medicaid Funding

Aug 29, 2014

Vilas County will not join almost twenty counties holding advisory referendums this fall on whether the state should accept federal Medicaid funds.

Governor Scott Walker rejected federal dollars to expand the number of people eligible for Badgercare, saying the money is unreliable. 

Supporters of taking the federal funds say the dollar impact would be significant, and could save the state hundreds of millions of dollars. 

The measure to ask voters’ opinions failed at Tuesday’s Vilas county board meeting…with only three members voting in favor of having a referendum.

The Oneida County board did pass a similar measure earlier this month, in favor of the Badgercare referendum. 

According to the progressive group Citizen Action, over 2.7 million Wisconsin voters will have the chance to weigh in on the question this fall. 

This week was the deadline for counties to set up referendums that will appear on the November ballot.