Northwoods Heritage Festival Gets JEM Grant

May 23, 2014

Tourism Sec. Stephanie Klett(bottom center) at Three Lakes
Credit Dept. of Tourism

Three Lakes has also picked up state money to promote an event coming this summer.

State Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett stopped by this week to present a $7,000 Joint Effort Marketing grant to the Chamber of Commerce to promote Heritage Fest in July.


Northwoods Heritage Festival is a two day event taking visitors through a journey of German, Irish, Italian, Polish, and Wisconsin cultures. The festival provides guests with a taste of the past and features traditional foods, crafts, demonstrations, exhibits, dances, and music.

Estimates are the festival impacts the local economy by about $500,000. The grant money is used for marketing.


The state can fund up to 75 percent of a project's first-year advertising and marketing costs, and provide support for second- and third-year projects with decreasing amounts for funding until projects become self-sustaining.

Northwoods Heritage Fest is set for July 11 and 12 in Three Lakes. Rhinelander picked up one of the competitive JEM grants this week for the Log Jam event in June at Boom Lake.