Northwoods Legislator Proposes No-Call List Change

Oct 16, 2013


Wisconsin’s No Call List is a step closer to changing.

Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst authored the bill, and says it would be better for Wisconsin residents and agencies to shift the state list to the federal Do Not Call List...


"...we're one of only 14 states that keeps a state list, the rest of them have moved it to the federal level and that is what we're going to do with this bill is have the federal government keep the no-call list..."

Tiffany says the change to the federal Do Not Call List will eliminate duplication of services, and people will only have to sign up once instead of every couple of years like they do now. When you sign up now for the Wisconsin Do Not Call List, you will be automatically transferred to the federal list if this bill becomes law.

The Senator says the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection deals with a large number of complaints about telemarketing...


"...telemarketers and getting phone calls that are is the number one complaint consumers have in the state of Wisconsin..."

Changing over to the federal list also allows Wisconsin’s consumer protection agents to reallocate nearly $200,000 now used to maintain the state list.

Senate Bill 155 proposing this change passed unanimously Tuesday, and has been sent to the State Assembly, where Tiffany expects similar support.

(Thanks WSAU News-Larry Lee)