Northwoods Prepares For Storm Season

Jun 4, 2015

June and July are typically the months where Wisconsin sees the most severe weather events. Emergency managers are encouraging Northwoods residents and visitors are encouraged to obtain a NOAA all-hazards weather radio.  The devices can provide 24/7 information from the weather service and county emergency government. Oneida County Emergency Management’s Dawn Robinson explains.



“If there is an advisory watch or warning, the light will remain on while that event is in place," she said. "Once it expires, that light would go out.”


Robinson says the all-weather radios can also be used for Amber Alerts and other emergency notices.  


Robinson also advises bringing the radio with you on boat trips or other excursions, along with a fresh set of batteries.  


National Weather Service storm spotter training classes are now taking place across the state of Wisconsin. Wednesday a class was held at Eagle River, and Thursday at the Oneida County Law Enforcement Center in Rhinelander.


Storm spotters, who volunteer their time to assist the National Weather Service, are an important part of the communications system that brings timely information to the public. The National Weather Services’ Jeff Last of the Green Bay bureau says storm spotters are the eyes and ears of the National Weather Service.  



“We’ve got doppler radar and our technology," he began, "but the storm spotter tells us exactly what’s happening on the ground; the ground truth we need to issue accurate warnings and forecasts.”


Last says storm spotters have made a tangible difference in allowing fast, accurate reporting and issuing of watches and warnings. He says spotters can be especially helpful in confirming weather events like tornadoes, where radar indications are uncertain.