Numbers Of New Tick Diseases Rising

Aug 24, 2013

Ticks by size

As many as 300,000 people each year could have Lyme disease, about 10 times the number that has been established. The Centers For Disease Control made that estimate last week.

Oneida County Health Director Linda Conlon says reported Lyme Disease numbers have held steady here over the last few years... 

"....114 for 2012, 106 for 2011, and then total between probable, suspect and confirmed the year before, in 2010, was 115..."

Diep Zip Hoang Johnson, Vectorborne Epidemiologist at the state Division of Public Health... says over several years the trend is upward... 

"....In 2011 our total was about 3,684 total cases, so it is a trend we are seeing over time. It is definitely increasing..."

But both Conlon and Hoang(hwong) Johnson say a noticeable increase in lesser know tick-borne diseases has shown up. Hoang Johnson says the new afflictions mimic other diseases like West Nile Virus. She says Lyme Disease is most commonly reported, but there are others..

"....the number two reported is anaplasmosis and then we have a new species of Ehrlichiosis as well as a rare Powasson virus..."

She says while the common woodtick doesn't carry those diseases, other ticks do. She recommends taking a shower after being in tick areas and checking yourself and then going to the doctor if you start to show symptoms.