OC Deputies Contacting Registered Sex Offenders

May 13, 2014

Oneida County Law Enforcement Center
Credit Oneida County Sheriff's Department

Oneida County Sheriff's deputies are stopping by each registered sex offender to make sure offenders are compliant with the state program.

Detective Sergeant Terri Hook says the deputies will make sure the information on state file is correct in the Sex Offender Verification Program....


"....deputies are going to be assigned to each offender on the registry. They will make personal contact with them to make sure the information is correct, such as where they are living, where they are working, that kind of information...."

There are 85 to 90 offenders registered in the county and Hook says there is enough staff to do the checks...


"....each deputy is assigned 3 or 4 offenders. They've been give a 30 day window to make contact with those offenders. Now obviously if the offender is not living where they are supposed to be living, that can make more work for the officer and at that point they would contact me and I would assist with the investigation...."

Hook says most of the offenders in Oneida county are compliant with the rules. She says they're trying to ensure that the rules are being followed.