Oneida County Looking At Performance Pay

Dec 3, 2013

Oneida county courthouse

Oneida county is going to take more time before deciding to implement a new compensation package for employees that has a component of pay for performance.

The county board contracted with Carlson-Dettman Consultants of Madison to compare Oneida county's employee compensation to other governments and the private sector.

Consultant Patrick Glinn said their study found a disparity between county compensation and the marketplace and proposes a change...


"...came back at it with a recommendation for two pay plans. One for exempt employees and one for non-exempt employees...."

Essentially salaried employees in one catagory and hourly wage earners in the other, though there are exempt employees getting a salary. The exempt employees would have a step system up to what Glinn says is the market rate. After that...


"....after that it would be a performance-based system, and the maximum would be twenty percent above the midpoint...."

Non-exempt employees would be into a different step system. If approved, some hourly employees would see an immediate boost in pay, but would have different compensation criteria in the future. It, too, would be based on marketplace compensation and employee performance.

Glinn said the system puts a control point, or a lid, on compensation beyond whats termed the market rate.

Benefits were not included in this discussion. The committee didn't make a decision on the new system until more questions are answered at upcoming meetings.