Parents Play Key Role To End Bullying: Richie

Apr 13, 2017


Parents play an important role in reducing the impact of bullying says a local Family Living Educator.

Oneida County UW-Extension's Sara Richie says it's important for parents to know the warning signs of bullying....

".....not just the warning signs of your child being bullied, but the warning signs of your child being a bully. Just knowing some of those warning signs can help you start that conversation. Children can be very embarrassed about being bullied and they're not likely to go to their parents or go to an adult and let them know they're being bullied...."

She says some of the warning signs are unexplained injury, frequent stomach aches, headaches or feeling sick or faking illness, changing eating habits, difficulty sleeping or nightmares, loss of friends or not wanting to go out into the community.

She says a parent might also see signs their child being a bully by getting into fights or having friends who bully others, and getting into trouble at school, or having unexplained money or belongings. Richie says talking to the child is important...

"...try having themselves put themselves in the perspective of the other child, so putting themselves in that child's shoes, talking to them about how they would feel if that would happen to them. Just opening up the conversation and finding out why they are doing that bullying...."

Richie says parents should also monitor their child's online time to prevent cyber bullying. She says the key is open communication. The information on bullying is available through UW-Extension or you can visit the website from the Department of Health and Human Services at