Point of Beginning To Oversee Field Turf Project at LUHS

Apr 19, 2017

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Lakeland Union High School District will use a Stevens Point’s civil engineering firm to oversee work by contractors who will install artificial turf on the school’s stadium field this summer.

District finance manager Greg Kopp informed the board’s finance committee recently that Point of Beginning was hired for that project oversight. Their fee is said to be $19,000 The total cost for the synthetic turf could range from $769,000 to as high as $850,000, depending on earthwork needed and the base for the carpet.

The district has in hand a $720,000 donation from a local couple and a banking charitable foundation to offset much of that cost. In other matters, Buildings and Grounds Manager Dave Arnold said the energy savings projects at the high school are nearing the two-thirds completion mark.