Pond Hockey Championships Return To Eagle River

Feb 8, 2017

Pond hockey
Credit wikipedia.org

Hockey the way it was played at the sport's inception will be on display again this weekend as Eagle River welcomes the 12th annual Labatt Blue/USA Hockey Pond Hockey championships.

Dollar Lake is being groomed to handle more than 300 teams and 2000 players and followers from across the nation. USA Hockey spokesperson Katie Holmgren says the weather is shaping up to be nearly ideal...

"....this is back to how alot of people got playing. I grew up in Minnesota and learned how to skate on a frozen pond, taking it back to the roots of hockey and it gives other people a chance to play who might never have had the opportunity. It's on a frozen lake in the middle of the Northwoods and it is beautiful...."

Holmgren says hockey enthusiasts as far away as California attend the event. She says the public is welcome to stop out...

"....we talk about the 2,000 players, but that doesn't include all the spectators. It's a great event to come down, just watch for flying pucks if you're standing out on the lake...."

Holmgren says an Olympian will also be in Eagle River...

"....we have our check-in party for players and we do that over at the Derby track and we again have our tournament party for players on Saturday night, and this year our special guest is Andy Yohe who was a member of the paralympic gold medal team and captain at one point, he'll be here...."

A link to the website for USA Hockey and the event is here.