Pond Hockey Tourney Returns To Eagle River This Weekend

Feb 2, 2016

Small game of pond hockey.
Credit commons.wikimedia.org

The 11th Annual Labatt Blue USA Adult Pond Hockey Championships are set for this weekend on Dollar Lake in Eagle River.

The event brings hundreds of teams and thousands of spectators to watch amateur hockey the way it was played in its earliest days: sticks, a puck and teams playing on a lake. 2

80 teams consisting of seven players have signed up. Each team brings friends and family to the tourney. For Eagle River Chamber of Commerce Director Kim Emerson, the weekend is a boost for the economy during a normally slower time of the year...

"....and they're eating in the restaurants, going to the grocery stores, buying gas, staying in the motels and resorts in the area. In a time of year that is kind of quiet, we get a nice boost for the weekend..the public is more than welcome to come out to Dollar Lake and see some of the games take place. It will be taking place Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The first puck drop is at 8 in the morning they're usually done by four or five in the afternoon..."

The Eagle River Fire Department creates 30 specially marked rinks for the event bringing participants from all over the United States.

Among the many teams competing is the Rockford, Illinois Fire Department team.