Public Comment Period Opens About Deer Herd Populations

Sep 11, 2017


A public comment period opens today as the DNR is seeking input on county deer population objectives. In September, County Deer Advisory Councils are providing preliminary recommendations on how many deer they would like to see in each county for the next three years.

DNR Section Chief Bob Nack says the CDAC process is key to setting deer population goals....

"..This is the fall meetings for the county deer advisory councils that occur every three years. At these meetings they talk about what their population objectives want to be for the next three years. Increasing the deer herd, reducing the deer herd or at least maintaining the herd at the current levels...."

Nack says beginning today, the data will be available...

"...starting Sept. 11, people can go online, look at their county of interest and then provide their input on the preliminary recommendations and then the councils will get together then in early October to review public input and make recommendations to the department...."

Nack says public comments are also welcomed as the DNR reviews data into November.

The Northwoods deer population is still recovering from harsh winters a few years ago. Deer populations remain healthy in central and southern Wisconsin.

Contact and other information is available on the DNR website by putting CDAC into the search box.