Public Invited To Student Work At Nicolet College

Feb 10, 2014

Richard J. Brown Library
Credit Nicolet College

Nicolet College offers the public a chance to experience what students in certain courses are learning.


College President Libby Burmaster says several Nicolet academic programs offer services to the public ranging from basic auto repair and dental care to haircuts, perms and dining in the Top of the Hill Restaurant...


" can get your teeth cleaned, car fixed, your hair permed and have a great meal from Nicolet students training to be professionals in these areas. Our Culinary Arts, Cosmotology, Auto Technology and Dental Hygiene programs include all those customer services to the public as part of their program responsibilities...."


There is a charge for each service provided by the students. Burmaster says those programs give students real-world experience while still in their particular field and are part of the program the students need to complete their studies.

More information is available on the public services offered at the Nicolet College at the main switchboard... 715- 365-4493.