"Quick 50" Reward Program Discussed At Northland Pines

Mar 7, 2018

Northland Pines High School
Credit Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

The Northland Pines School District  policy committee this week discussed a student reward program proposed by Administrator Mike Richie for reporting suspicious activity or threats involving school security.

Richie indicated some schools in the Fox River valley have what they call a “Quick 50” security program where a student who reports something suspicious either anonymously or through a tip line and if accurate after staff check it out, receive $50 cash.

“Let's say a student who has prescription medication in their locker is seen selling some and another student reports it,” Richie said. “If accurate, the student who reports it gets $50, if not accurate, they get nothing.”

Policy committee member Chris Petrekis favored the idea.

“This is a great idea and would go over good in all our school buildings,” he said. “If we do this we should put up posters in all our schools explaining the “Quick 50” program.”

The committee directed Richie to find out more details and to put the idea in writing to be discussed next month.