Rain Could Slow Colorado Fires Says Northwoods Resident

Jul 11, 2018

Suzanne Flory(standing) working with officials at the Spring Creek fire.
Credit Suzanne Flory

Firefighters in Colorado might get some relief as rain is expected in the Centennial State to help slow a series of wildfires.

Recently, an interagency crew of firefighters from this region arrived to help out with fire suppression.

Forest Service employee Suzanne Flory of Rhinelander has been working with the Incident Management Team as a liason with various agencies and individuals affected by the fires....

"...Today, actually,is going to be one of the more favorable days on the fire because we have a high expecation of rain coming into the area and the humidities are up. We're looking forward to having some of that happen over the fire area. The only concern with that is because so many areas have been burned that there's a possibility of flash floods if we get a rain event...."

Flory is working at the Spring Creek Fire which started on June 23 and has burned about 110,000 acres, including some homes. Suzanne Flory says they were able to warn ranchers and most of their livestock were moved to safety.

She says there's been no loss of human life, but conditions have been tough for the firefighters...

"....we have about 1,000 fire personnel on this fire. There has been a lot of firefighters with dehydration. We obviously stress safety first for our firefighters and our public we're working with. We've been very fortunate and safety has been the main concern. That is why on some fire lines we're not putting any people in those areas because of safety...."

There are 15 active fires, many in the central and southwestern part of Colorado.