Recounts Keep Three Oneida Co. Board Races The Same

Apr 11, 2014

Three close Oneida county board races after voting last week have not changed after a recount.

Voters April 1 elected incumbent Bob Mott in District 7 in the Pelican Lake area. After the recount requested by challenger Dennis Schoeneck, Mott picked up one vote to 187 to 180 for Schoeneck.

In District 16 in the Woodruff area after the recount, incumbent Michael Timmons had 114 votes with challenger Michael Pockat with 107. Timmons picked up three votes from election night.

In District 18, in the Minocqua area, incumbent Candy Sorenson lost to Lance Krolczyk by six votes, 127 to 121. Both candidates picked up three votes, ending at 130 to 124.

The new Oneida county board meets Tuesday to welcome new members and pick leaders for the next term.