Redikulus Dae Draws Crowd

Aug 7, 2013

Businesses in downtown Rhinelander put on their best show for an annual street fair Wednesday.  

Justine Whitefish recently started a frybread business, after making the bread for over 30 years.
Credit Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

It was a breezy day on Brown Street and vendors were out in full force, selling everything from antiques to tshirts to shaved ice.  Justine Whitefish is selling frybread.  She's been making it for 33 years but she’s a new entrepreneur.  It’s her first year at Redikulus Dae and she’s a little disappointed by the turnout. 

 “It’s a slow business day.  I’m surprised a lot of people don’t know what fry bread is.  It’s fried dough.  A lot of them look at it and see the calories and walk away!”

But a few blocks north is a Redikulus Day veteran.  Mike Rouman of Rouman Cinema is selling movie posters.

Rhinelander's Redikulus Dae drew many vendors and customers.
Credit Peg Arnold / WXPR News

“Kids they buy – I mean let’s talk serious.  College kids, they buy and decorate their rooms when they go to college.  Because when they go to college – I put two kids through college and I have some experience – their rooms and their walls and everything, spotless.  Instead of paint – they’re allowed to cover up with the posters.”

Rouman says at last year's event he sold 700 posters.  He’s not sure how today will stack up.