Regrow The Woods By Saving The Woody Biomass

Aug 13, 2014

Credit Heikki Valve photo

The DNR is offering a series of training programs to help loggers and foresters determine how much woody debris to leave on the forest floor after logging.

Experts say when trees are removed during logging, nutrients stored in the soil are also carried away. The leftovers are called "woody biomass" and the DNR's Tricia Knoot says the leftovers are valuable for other wood-related industries. She says the goal is to give workers in the woods the info to leave some behind...

"......we also know this biomass has important nutrients and holds the soil in place. There are some new guidelines in place that look at appropriate guidelines for what to leave behind. But it takes a trained eye to put those guidelines in place...."

Knoot says by using information from Wisconsin's Sustainable Forest Initiative and other sources, the DNR hopes to work with producers to help the woods...

"....the nice balance between the amount of material that can be removed versus remaining on site. So the type of training we're offering helps provide that balance. It helps foresters and loggers to get a better sense of how much needs to be remaining on site...."

 The department will collaborate with Renewable Resource Solutions to offer sessions on September 16 at the Municipal Center in Marathon City and September 18 in Hayward.

The cost of registration and meals for this training is being covered by a grant from Wisconsin's Sustainable Forest Initiative. Attendees seeking credits from the Forest Industry Safety and Training Alliance will pay $35, which will be sent directly to the organization with a form completed the day of the event.