Reservoirs On Wisconsin River Drawn Down For Melt

Mar 23, 2014

Alexander Hydroelectric Plant On The Wisconsin River
Credit Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company

  An official from Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company says there's a 50 percent chance of flooding this spring along the Wisconsin River. Peter Hansen is WVIC's Operations Manager. He says with the raised chance of flooding, the interested parties along the river are staying touch..  

"...all of the dam owners along the Wisconsin River, along with WIVC have conference calls with each other. We work together. We're drawing down all the different reservoirs that we can by our license and just preparing for it...."

 Hansen says they revised how much they drew down the reservoirs  feeding the Wisconsin River due to the above average precipitation since last October...  

"....another thing we track is how much water is in the snow....for the northern basin area we're more than a couple of inches above normal for the amount of water that is in the snow pack...."

 Each year WVIC reduces the water level in the reservoirs to accommodate runoff from melting snow. During the recent dry years, they dropped the levels far less. This year they are reducing the water levels on most reservoirs to the maximum their license allows.