Revenue Sec. Says As Economy Grows, More Tax Revenue

Sep 7, 2013

Wisconsin Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler

Governor Walker's Revenue Secretary says more tax incentives will provide for a growing economy.

Secretary Rick Chandler spoke Friday to the quarterly meeting of Grow North Regional Economic Development Corporation at Treehaven near Tomahawk.

Chandler says the tax credits are designed to promote more jobs...


"...we've created a new manufacturing and tax credit which will significantly reduce taxes for those industries, encourage them to expand and create jobs in Wisconsin. Manufacturing and "Ag" have traditionally been the twin drivers of our economy. As they grow and thrive, other sectors will as well...."


Chandler says the overall economy is recovering...


"....the housing market is recovering, building permits are up, construction is up. Consumers are increasing their spending, auto sales are up significantly. Sales in other areas are doing better as well..."

He says the national economic picture is also improving. He says from what he hears, businesses are still concerned about the impact of the Affordable Health Care Act.