Rhinelander Area Food Pantry Has Matching Money For Donations

Mar 10, 2017

Credit Rhinelander Area Food Pantry

Many people donate to food pantries around the holidays, but the time after that finds a bit of a lull.

Each spring the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry invited the public to have financial donations matched. Previously the effort was known as the Feinstein Challenge, but as pantry spokesperson Bill Vancos reports a new donor has stepped forward...

"....it's an anonymous person in the community that has stepped forward who will partially match any donations made in the months of March and April. So not only can you feel good about donating to the Food Pantry, and helping our neighbors that can use a little help, but you also get the benefit that you get a little boost in your donation...."

Pledges will be matched with the the amount donated by the anonymous donor. Donations include cash, checks, food items or pledges to be collected by the end of April when the donation period ends.

This weekend is a large effort at the Rouman Cinema in Rhinelander called "Cantastic"...

"....where teams build structures out of cans of food. That is starting this weekend. The build date is on Saturday, the 11th at the Rouman Cinema. All the cans the teams use to build their structures and all the cans people use to vote for their favorites will be used in this collection..."

Food items may be dropped off mornings at the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry or money donations can be made at BMO Harris Bank downtown Rhinelander.

More information is available on the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry website.