Rhinelander Flowage Invasives Topic Of Meeting Saturday

Aug 12, 2014

A meeting has been called Saturday morning in Rhinelander to hear the results of studies on a growing population of terrestrial and aquatic invasive species in the Wisconsin River near Rhinelander.

Called the Rhinelander Flowage, it's the area north of the Philip St. dam by Expera Paper north to McNaughton, including several large bodies of water including Boom Lake.

Scott Eshelman is an organizer of the meeting.....

"....the waterway is an engine for the economic health of the community. The recreation health of the community. The biological health of the community. The concern is we take this wonderful resource for granted...."

Eshelman says recent studies on the waterways have shown a negative trend...

".....so we've witnessed an increase in the number and amount of invasive species over the years both terrestrial and aquatic. There's a threat from up river for additional additional invasive species to invade the waterways...."

Eshelman says studies  show that as invasive species infest a waterway, property values drop. He say residents up river have a responsibility to those who live down river and also the economic well-being of the communities.

A DNR water management researcher will talk about a two-year study on the Flowage along with other speakers.

More with Eshelman is below.