Rhinelander Police Gear Up to Shop With Kids

Dec 2, 2013

Rhinelander Police are asking for donations to take a group of underprivileged kids shopping. 

It’s the fourth year of the Shop with a Cop program.  Police and other law enforcement officials will pair up with kids…and take them shopping at Walmart.

Rhinelander Police Officer Chad Brown says the goal is to give each kid at least a hundred dollars to spend. 

“We encourage each child to purchase gifts for their immediate family – typically it’s mom, dad and any siblings.  But we strongly encourage them to spend the majority of the money on themselves.  This is a day for them.”

Twenty third-graders will get to participate.  Rhinelander school officials select motivated students whose families might be falling on hard times.  Brown says the kids deserve the shopping treat, and he says he likes getting to know the kids.    

“A lot of kids only see police in bad situations.  And they kinda have mixed feelings when they see a police officer.  So it’s nice for us to get to know them.  It makes them more comfortable opening up to us and coming to us if they need something.”

Brown says the program is entirely community funded, and the deadline for donations is December 3rd.  Shopping will commence on December 14th.