Rhinelander To Survey Residents On Outdoor Rec Desires

Mar 23, 2014

Rhinelander city hall
Credit en.wikipedia.org
  As part of a re-worked Rhinelander comprehensive plan, city officials soon will be asking citizens what they want to see for outdoor recreation. North Central Wisconsin Regional Commission planner Fred Heider says he asked the city for their recreational plans so they also could be put into the Oneida county recreational plan. He says city officials had a number of ideas...  

"....as they started talking, they discussed that really they have a lot of ideas in the back of their heads and they heard residents had ideas, but it wasn't documented any where. So they wanted to do their own city wide outdoor recreation plan...."

 Heider says that can include parks, trails or paths on city streets among many other options. He says it will take about six months to create the plan, but a key element is likely to appear in a couple of months in the form of a survey....  

"....and then the city is going to ask the residents by an online survey in the next couple of months, 'what do you want for outdoor recreation?'... do they think they need programming or facilities or is everything fine as is...."

 Heider says they will also ask the organized outdoor recreation groups what they see as needs. He says after all the data is collected, they will come back to the public in the form of a hearing to review the results. He says whatever is decided upon will likely be dependent on matching money from the state.