Off-Road Park Draws Opposition At Public Hearing

Feb 8, 2014


A proposed 10,000-acre off-road vehicle park in Forest county drew opposition at a Saturday public hearing in Laona, along with calls for a referendum.

About 60 people attended the first gathering called by the Forest county board.. A private non-profit organization, Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc wants to develop the large facility but has not produced on the record details where the park would be located, saying it could be in seven possible locations.

One speaker asked a series of questions to the four committee members present...

" many potential sites are left for the off-road park? Aren't most parks of this type located on public land? Who is going to own to land, the 10,000 acres they want to place this park on?

Several people asked for a referendum before the county board makes any other decisions. Others questioned what public money would be involved in the project and whether it would impact taxes.

A statement was read from the Forest County Chamber of Commerce supporting the project. That was the only public statement of support for the off-road park. No one from the off-road park group spoke in favor.

The county has budgeted $46,000 for a possible matching grant from the state.

Other public hearings are planned like the one Saturday in Laona.