Robbery at Local Greenhouse

Jun 3, 2014

A burglar robbed a family-owned greenhouse of thousands of dollars this week.

Brent Hanson of Hanson’s Garden Village in Rhinelander says a thief apparently broke in between closing Sunday night and opening Monday morning. 

“They were looking around in the office, and there should not have been an extra safe key in the office, but they took enough time to open up a lot of desk drawers in the office and actually open it up with the key and get away.” 

The cash and checks may have totaled 14-thousand dollars from four days of sales.  Hanson says normally there wouldn’t be that much money on the premises, but one of their staff people had been out sick.

“Whoever figured this out was extremely fortunate from their standpoint that everything lined up, or we were extremely unfortunate, however you want to look at it.  Cause they should have got in here and not found a key, and if they would’ve got in the safe not found anything except a change bag.  And we were on the wrong side of all those particular issues.” 

Hanson says theft of this kind is a blow for the whole community, and other businesses should be aware that the person who stole the money is still out there. 

Hanson says the information of customers that paid with credit cards shouldn’t be affected.  He says people that paid by check Thursday through Sunday last week may want to call their bank.