Sec. Chandler: Tax Reform Will Spur Manufacturing, Agriculture

Apr 25, 2014

Revenue Sec. Richard Chandler

Wisconsin's Revenue Secretary thinks the newly-signed tax changes will spur the state's economy.

Richard Chandler was the keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the Oneida County Economic Development Corporation at Holiday Acres.(April 25)

Chandler says from the Walker Administration perspective, economic growth is tied to the tax climate...

" cutting taxes for income taxpayers, by cutting taxes for property owners, homeowners and businesses, and by providing an array of business incentives that will help us be competititve with other states..."

Chandler and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch have been touring the state getting input on tax reform, including a stop in Rhinelander last month....

"....we've been getting input from small businesses, big businesses, homeowners, retirees, parents, a wide swath of people representing all sectors of life in Wisconsin to see what changes they would like to see. We've gotten a lot of good input...."

Chandler wouldn't say what the recommendations will be, but he thinks many will be included in the next proposed budget.