Smaller Pavilion, Fewer Trees Lost In Latest Minocqua Proposal

May 13, 2014

Torpy Park trees in distance

 The Minocqua Plan Commission will ask the town board to look at whether to remove some problem trees at Torpy Park. At a meeting Tuesday(5/13) the commission also heard a scaled-back proposal for a pavilion by the Minocqua Lions at the park.

Last week, more than 120 residents discussed a proposal for a new 54 by 96 foot pavilion that would require the removal of 11 old trees. Many were opposed to removing the trees, though a few of the trees were said to be diseased.

Town chair Mark Hartzheim says the Lions brought forward a proposal for a smaller pavilion...

"...when you see it staked out looks somewhat overwhelmingly large for the area and probably overly large for the perceived need. It also had the side effect of having a dozen trees removed...."

...that was under the larger pavilion plan. He says the new plan reduces the impact. The new building would be 60 by 48...

"...potentially it could take as few as one, maybe one to three trees..."

Hartzheim says many people at the hearing last week felt some of the problem trees at the site needed tending...

"....I think everyone has acknowledged there are some problem, slash, hazardous trees that it's incumbent upon the town to take a look at regardless of the potential for any future pavilion there...."

The Minocqua Lions will meet tWednesday to discuss the scaled-back proposal. Hartzheim says the town board will wait for the Lions to return to the town with their decision.