So How Cold Has It Been?

Mar 5, 2014

In-between chattering teeth, there's been lots of talk about just how cold the last 90 days has been....  

" of the coldest winters, not just for the last 10 years, but some of the coldest we've ever seen here in northern Wisconsin and most of the Upper Midwest...."

 That's WJFW-TV 12  Chief Meteorologist Matt Benz who says statistically, this winter has been a record-setter... 

Lake(s)- effect snow
Credit NASA

"....Rhinelander did post it's coldest winter ever since records began in 1908...from December 1 through February 28(average temperature) was 4.7 degrees, which beat the previous record of 5.7 degrees, back in the 1916-17 winters..."

 He says what is equally amazing is this winter bested the previous mark by one whole degree. Oddly enough, he says they only had one record low temperature so far, but there were several record low, high temperatures. But it was the consistency of the cold that was precedent-setting. Benz says the average high temperature this week is in the low-to-mid '30's. He says we'll slowly move toward that high temperature toward the weekend. Benz says  temperatures for the next 90 days are predicted to be below average. He says the thick ice on the Great Lakes will also help to keep our temperatures down.