Some Counties Eligible for Woodstove Exchange Program

May 11, 2014

Lincoln and Langlade County residents have a chance to upgrade older woodstoves and get a rebate. 

WPS and the American Lung Association want people to update older woodstoves with newer technology.
Credit Tyler Karaszewski /

Wisconsin Public Service is urging people in some areas to exchange inefficient wood burning stoves for newer, cleaner ones. 

WPS Spokesperson Lisa Prunty says woodstoves have a big effect on air quality.

“We are looking at improving air quality, and working very closely with the American Lung Association.  One of the statistics that we were talking about this week, if we can get one woodstove out of operation, that equals up to five diesel trucks off the road.”

Prunty says the American Lung Association is offering thousands of dollars in rebates for investing in cleaner appliances. 

“Some people might just want to do a wood stove insert, which would they would be eligible for a thousand dollars.  Other people might want to do the EPA phase 2 outdoor hydronic heater…and they could get up to $4000.”

Residents who meet certain income qualifications can receive up to 10-thousand dollars in rebates for certain appliances. Those interested should apply through the American Lung Association website. 

A  full list of counties included in the program is available on our website.