Split Opinion On Plum Lake Protection District

Jun 17, 2017

Credit pixabay.com

A public hearing on a petition to form a lake protection and rehabilitation district for Plum Lake was attended by 65 persons in Sayner Thursday night where more lake property owners were opposed than favoring the district.

Lake districts can be created by town boards if the entire district is within town boundaries and the petition is signed by at least owners of 51% of the land around the lake.

The Plum Lake petition was presented by Douglas Penny who indicated preventing invasive plants such as Eurasian water milfoil is preferable over trying to control an infestation, saying one study showed a 13% decline in land values after milfoil was discovered.

Opposition came quickly with many objecting to another taxing authority, saying it's a DNR issue, and trying to keep invasives out is a waste of money. Support was expressed indicating it's an insurance policy to have before disaster strikes and is a tool to keep the lake clean for their children and grand children.

Town board chairman Will Maines thanked attendees for being civil in the testimony and said the board has six months to act on the petition.