State Budget Would Allow Short Term Rentals

Sep 13, 2017


A proposal in the next state budget could end exclusive single family residential zoning in Vilas County and all other municipal jurisdictions . . .allowing weekly rentals where they are presently not allowed.

Vilas County has two residential zoning districts . . . R-1 and R-L.

Home rentals are allowed in both however R-1 rentals must be monthly whereas R-L can be less than a month. Under the proposed budget all home rentals can be less than monthly.

The budget language states “A political subdivision would not be allowed to enact an ordinance that would prohibit the rental of a residential dwelling for seven consecutive days or longer.” “This was well disguised in the budget,” zoning committee chairman Jay Verhulst  said. “We would not be able to stop weekly rentals in our R-1 district.”

Committee member Chuck Hayes recalled this was floated two years ago and in public hearing there was strong opposition and it died, saying “this is ambiguous, hastily written, and has no basis for weakening R-1 zoning. The committee approved a letter to the Governor urging he veto this provision should it be included in the final bi-annual budget.