State Offers Propane Assistance

Jan 29, 2014


A state agency providing information to where there's money for lower-income residents to heat their homes with propane.

Governor Walker has directed the state Division of Energy Services to release $8.5 million in crisis benefits to counties and tribes that have households that use propane to heat their homes.

Spokesperson Stephanie Marquis...


"...that help them to buy the fuel that they need. We have an 800 number of help them find fuel providers in their area...and if for some reason they need to leave their home we can help them cover costs for their temporary stay at another place...."


The Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund ....partnering with the state.. has agreed to temporarily allow an increase in the income limit for propane households to 80 percent of the state median income. They also will allow propane households to potentially receive an increased maximum benefit of $600. The fund has also temporarily adjusted its policy to allow propane households the ability to potentially receive two benefit payments in a year.

There is a where you can see where the funds are available or call toll-free 866 HEAT WIS (432-8947)