State Senate Passes Tax Cuts

Mar 4, 2014

The state Senate has approved a 504-million state tax cut package..

After about three hours of debate, the Senate passed the amended version of Governor Scott Walker's tax cut plan, on a 17-15 vote, with Republican Senator Dale Schultz joining Democrats on the vote.

Last week in Rhinelander, Walker told reporters he thinks everyone would get some tax benefits...

" taxes on a medium-value home in this state would go down by over $100. They would be lower than December of 2010...."

Should he win reelection, Walker says he will try to implement a similar program for the next biennium...

"....we'll continue to put in spending controls at the local level as well as the state level. We'll keep putting more money into local government to offset the amount taken by the property tax...

Democrats say the middle class would not get enough of the tax break, to be funded by a projected billion-dollar surplus in the current state budget. Amendments offered by Democrat Mark Miller and Kathleen Vinehout Tuesday were rejected by the majority Republicans. Vinehout's measure would have put $350 million to the technical colleges system and two-year colleges University of Wisconsin. It would have covered tuition and fees for students.

The Assembly next week will again look at the Senate's package and is expected to concur. Walker would sign the bill shortly after that. A worker training bill also passed the Senate unanimously.