State-Youth Tribal Partnership Proposed

May 25, 2013

As part of an effort to stock more walleyes into Wisconsin lakes, the state last week announced a $13 million dollar plan to boost larger walleye fingerlings.

One part of the overall initiative was $250,000 to expand the summer Tribal Youth program, a state-tribal partnership giving high school aged tribal members the opportunity to work on natural resources related projects.

DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp says the state has wanted to expand the program and now have the dollars to do so...

"....opportunities for tribal and non-tribal youth to participate in conservation actitivies to build bridges and understand each other's cultures and opportunities for young people to get out and experience things..."

She says the program will be for all Wisconsin tribal youth...

"....I talked to the Governor about this and we have a great opportunity with not only the Chippewa tribes, we'll be able to work with all the Chippewa tribes now, but also with the other tribes in the state..."


Stepp says the program needs to get through the Joint Finance Committee and the legislature.