"Street Smarts" Program Talks To Youth About Risky Behavior

Jan 8, 2018

Credit pixabay.com

More than 100 Rhinelander High School freshmen students went through a program designed to provide information about making smart health choices.

Called "Street Smarts", the program is a venture of the Oneida County Health Department and Kids Impacting our Neighborhood, or KIN.

Jenny Chiamulera is a Community Health Specialist with the Oneida County Health Department.

She says "Street Smarts" is evidence based programming  to high school age students....

"...The program helps them practice safe sex, understand the side-effects of drug use and alcohol, and helps them evaluate what their values are, and to resist peer pressure...."

Chiamulera says 91 percent of students said it provided them with information about safe sex, 84 percent said it provided them with information they need to understand 'triggers' that put them at risk in dangerous situations. Chiamulera says they had a good turnout among the students...

"....116 students were able to participate this fall. The program was well taken. The students seemed to enjoy the program and we are looking forward to running a spring session and a fall session in 2018....."

Chiamulera says they're hoping to get the program into other Oneida county schools this year.