Suspects Charged In Burglary Ring, Oneida, Other Counties

May 17, 2013

Criminal charges have been filed against two men, Daniel Frausto, currently at the Dodge Correctional Institute in Waupun, and Robert Miles of Red Granite, suspected of operating a burglary ring spanning twelve counties, including Oneida, Oconto, Portage and Shawano counties..

Frausto and Miles have been charged in several counties In addition, charges are expected to be filed against others under a cooperation agreement.

In 2012, investigators with the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department began an investigation into a series of residential and business burglaries throughout several years. In cooperation with local law enforcement and the Wisconsin Department of Justice the Winnebago County-led investigation uncovered an organized ring that had committed burglaries in 12 counties. The ring targeted certain individuals and businesses, and the crimes included several home invasions, false imprisonment and a shooting.

(Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen release)