Szews Named 2018 Assistant Principal Of The Year

Apr 6, 2018

Justin Szews
Credit Dean S. Acheson photo

Another honor for a Lakeland area educator.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers along with the Wisconsin School Administrators Executive Director Jim Lynch announced Justin Szews was named as 2018  Assistant Principal of the Year.

In announcing the 2018 award, Evers said Szews was tapped to help turn around Lakeland Union High School’s discipline referrals, physical altercations, truancy, absenteeism, and graduation rate. He says Szews worked with students, faculty, administration, local community members, and representatives from all three truancy court jurisdictions to develop and implement an action plan to improve school attendance. Szews made home visits and evening presentations to the community to share expectations, and after two years, the high school met its attendance goals. Szews noted that student achievement and graduations rates improved.

Szews also won the 2017 award.

Last month he was named as full-time principal at Lakeland Union High School.