Tax Delinquencies Down, But Foreclosures Up

Nov 12, 2013

Oneida county foreclosures up

The mixed economic news reflects on figures given to the Oneida county board on delinquent taxes and foreclosures.

County Treasurer Kris Osterman said the number of tax delinquencies last year were down which usually shows people have enough money to pay their taxes. But other parts of her report showed tough times...

"....we had the same foreclosures this year as we had last year. We finished foreclosing on 24 properties which is a record ever since I've been here, we've never had that many properties...."

Osteman says In 2012, the final number of foreclosures was 6 compared to 24 this year.

As of Tuesday, the state had 6,255 foreclosures, and 7,971 pre-foreclosures.