Theater Goes Digital in Three Lakes

Mar 21, 2014

The Three Lakes Center for the Arts will debut a new digital film projector this weekend. 

The center raised $50,000 for a digital projector and sound system after their 35 millimeter projector broke last year. 

Technical Director and projectionist Paul Johnson says the new equipment offers a big change in quality. 

“Well first of all the picture has much more clarity to it.  And the sound is amazing.  We not only replaced the 35 mm projector, we also replaced the sound system.  And we already replaced the screen a year ago, so we’re pretty well operating with brand new equipment.” 

Johnson says a lot of small theaters are going out of business because they can’t afford the transition to digital.   Many new films being released are only available in a digital format, and 35 millimeter is becoming more rare.

“Just the physical film to put the image on – basically no longer exists.  So that’s really the reason for having to make the switch.” 

The Three Lakes Center for the Arts is showing the movie Gravity this weekend – a film selected to show off the high quality offered by the new projector.

The Center plans to show several movies this spring, and hopes to show a movie per week starting in July.