Thousands Of Motorcycles, One Simulator

Sep 12, 2013

Tomahawk Fall Ride

The Ref has arrived in the Northwoods...and we're not talking about a football game.

The Transportable High-End Rider Education Facility...THE operated by the state DOT's Motorcycle Safety Program.

With the Fall Ride in Tomahawk expecting to attract 40,000 people this weekend, many on motorcycles, DOT officials bring the motorcycle simulator and trainer to give people a perspective on motorcycles and safety.

Credit Wisconsin DOT

Spokesperson Peggy Drinsinger says the idea is to cut down on accidents with more education...


"...anybody can come onto it and try it out. We can put it on as a scooter so that motorists can just become aware of the kinds of things motorcyclists have to do as they're riding...also..."

Drinsinger says motorists should be extra alert for the many motorcycles...


"....when they're in packs they're easier to see, but individual motorcycles are harder to spot. Everyone should be looking twice at intersections and picking up even slight movement when they are driving. We try to teach the motorcyclists to stay out of blind spots and wear brighter clothes just to be seen better...."

The simulator will be at Sara Park in Tomahawk Friday and Saturday each day until 5 p.m.