Time To Get The Shacks Off The Ice, And Pick Up Your Trash Too

Mar 14, 2017

Credit Wikimedia Commons Royalbroil

This strange winter is coming to a close, and even with the recent cold snap, it's time to get the fishing shacks off the ice.

DNR Conservation Warden Supervisor Dave Walz of Woodruff says Wednesday , March 15 for Wisconsin-Michigan boundary waters is the removal date, and Sunday, March 19 for waters north of Highway 64 and inland waters.

"....they need to remove their permanent shacks by then, but say an angler wants to take their shacks out during the day and then remove it, they can do that, but the more permanent shacks need to be removed...."

Walz says all things must be removed from the ice, not just the shack...

"....we do get complaints every year, when people remove their ice shack they don't remove everything that is frozen to the ice..Whether its some beer cans, paper bag or any of that kind of stuff. I want to remind people they have to remove that kind of material, otherwise it could be considered a littering violation....."

Walz says the removal deadline ensures shanties are removed in time, avoiding the additional costs and hazards of shanties breaking through the ice.