Tobacco Laws Compliance Checks to Begin

Jun 27, 2017

Tobacco compliance checks will be beginning in the area to prevent the sale of tobacco to minors.Community Health Specialist Maria Otterholt says that the Wisconsin Wins tobacco checks will be used in conjunction with a new website that will educate tobacco retailers on the laws regarding tobacco.


“We certainly understand that it can be very tricky to read an ID and understand the law, so there is a new training website, it’s called, and it’s completely free, easy way for retailers to train their employees on tobacco sales.”


Otterholt says retailers can be checked once a year unless they are noncompliant, which would warrant additional checks and possibly a  fine or suspension of their tobacco license. The training website will reduce the needs for these sanctions.


“What does is it takes a retailer through different study guides that help that understand what the law is, why we’re trying not to sell tobacco products to minors, to keep them healthy. Then, there is a simple test that they can take to show that they understand the law and how to comply with it, and then they get a certificate. This website also allows retailers to create a store account so they can track all of their employees that have been through it and show proof that yes, they have been trained.”


For more information, contact the Oneida County Health Department, or visit