Tourism Gives $15,000 Grant For Medieval Faire

May 14, 2015

Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett(c), Tommy Organiscak(with check), Rep. Rob Swearingen, lower right, and Don Sidlowski, lower left. Community members and actors join in check presentation at Tommy O's Playhouse.
Credit WXPR

The state's Tourism Director thinks a new  event this fall in the Northwoods will be a hit. Tourism Director Stephanie Klett presented a $15,000 marketing grant to Tommy O's Playhouse in Hazelhurst where the first annual Medieval Faire will be held the weekend of September 10...

"...whenever there's a new, exciting event, one that's never been done before, it garners a lot of attention. Medieval Faire's are huge around the country. But there isn't one in the Northwoods. This is first time event. We're really excited about it because Tommy O's provides the perfect backdrop and we know it's going to be a hit...."

Tommy Organiscak owns the theater off Highway 51 where the event will be held. He says anyone with a desire to be in the spirit is welcome...

"...people who want to kind of go out of their way and go back to the Medieval ages and dress up and have a little fun and pretend their bold Kings and Queens. It's just a fun, fun thing. Bring your family because it's a great family event...."

Don Sidlowski of Three Lakes did the extensive paperwork to get the grant and says the Playhouse along Highway 51 is a good spot for the event...

"'s the kind of event that will bring people from all around the local community, but not only that but regionally and around the state and to come....The inspiration for the event was the unique nature of the Northwoods, our location here and our venue out in the middle of the forests of the Northwoods...."

The Joint Effort Marketing money will be used to promote the event.