Trees For Tomorrow Lands Large Grant

Jan 14, 2014

The Dining Hall at Trees For Tomorrow

Trees for Tomorrow Tuesday received the first installment of a $60,000, three-year commitment to further education at the Eagle River campus.

TransCanada Corporation provided a matching grant to the $60,000 committed over three years by Wisconsin Public Service Foundation in Green Bay, totaling $120,000.

Trees For Tomorrow's Operations Manager Cheryl Todea says the funds will help Trees For Tomorrow continue its mission...


".....these donations help us provide more students with an amazing natural resources educational gives more students an opportunity to learn about wildlife management, forest ecology, water quality testing, and...outdoor skills...."

Todea says the grant was a bit of a surprise...


"....I actually was(surprised). We get smaller donations from other businesses here and there but this was a great surprise...."

Wisconsin Public Service Foundation Director Karmen Lemke says WPS has supported "Trees" for more than 65 years. She says TransCanada wanted to partner with WPS to support the environmental and educational work done in Eagle River...


" we introduced them to Trees For Tomorrow and as a result they are matching our donation of $20,000 a year for three years...


TransCanada manages WPS' natural gas transmission lines.

Nonprofit Trees For Tomorrow was founded in 1944 by Wisconsin paper and electric utility companies to help reforest northern Wisconsin and provide education on land management.