Tripoli Man Resentenced Concerning April, 2016 Shooting Incident

Apr 11, 2018

Kenneth Welsh
Credit Oneida County Sheriff's Department

A Tripoli man was sentenced a second time for a shooting incident in April, 2016 and this time there's only probation, not jail time.

62 year old Kenneth Welsh was convicted of reckless endangerment and being intoxicated with a firearm during an earlier plea agreement but other elements of the situation were presented.

During a hearing Wednesday before Oneida County Judge Michael Bloom, Welsh was sentenced to 18 months in prison and two years extended supervision. But Bloom put that sentence on hold unless Welsh violates terms of his release. He cannot drink or go into taverns. Welsh was given credit for 723 days behind bars, largely the time he's already done.

Earlier, Welsh was sentenced to three years in state prison and had served time there.

Welsh got into an altercation with a woman.. Welsh was shot in the arm by the woman, who was not charged, as authorities felt it was in self-defense. Welsh later took a shot at the car in which she was fleeing the scene. An altercation with police ocurred where he threatened to blow up his house, but was arrested without incident after a four hour standoff.