Turning Spenders Into Savers Is Northwoods Saves Goal

Feb 16, 2014


Credit commons.wikimedia.org


Next week is noted as a week for folks to become more thrifty.

America Saves Week begins February 24. A local chapter of America Saves....Northwoods Saves...is encouraging people to get into the saving habit.

Program and Volunteer Coordinator Tracy Beckman says besides having more money, there are other benefits...


"....people who save make better employees, they make better customers, they're better borrowers at banks, and because their overall lives are less stressed. We want people to focus on saving instead of spending...."

Activities include a teller competition where tellers are recruiting customers to be savers. Northwoods Saves is also a part of an education event February 25 for Juniors at Rhinelander high school called "Mad City Money".

Beckman says they are also starting to teach about thrift at an early age...


"....we're also targeting second grade in the area. We're going to be presenting....the idea of early saving...."

More information is at northwoodssaves.org or call the Oneida County UW-Extension office.